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Conference Topics

  • Internet of Things

    Be part of the discussion on how the Internet of Things will develop and grow in the nearest future and which areas of our lives it will affect.

  • Robotics & Machine Intelligence

    Will AI change our lives completely, forcing people to leave their jobs? Visit TechCon to learn more about the AI development perspectives.

  • Product Design & Manufacturing

    During TechCon, we’ll speak about how to connect brands with buyers more effectively with the help of design.

  • Software

    During the conference, we will discuss the importance of cutting-edge software development and innovative technologies in today's world.

  • Augmented & Virtual Reality

    Get to know how healthcare specialists, brand marketers, and sports experts apply AR/VR to create immersive experiences.

  • Digital Health

    Nowadays, a great number of digital solutions is implemented in the healthcare industry. We strive to discover new tools to enhance the patient experience.