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Ray Goforth

About the habit building course

We are a creature of our habits and the first (and the most important) step towards changing our lives is to change our habits. And reading books, watching inspiring videos, bookmarking tweets on habit building won’t help.
You’ve got to do the do and need a guide to get started and nudge you when needed.
Introducing Reset your Routine, a 21-day email course:
A sustained learning program designed for a busy you – ensuring it is interactive, keeps you on the track, nudges you when you aren’t engaged…and is super affordable.
Curated from the world's best resources (books, podcasts, videos), the habit building course offers:
● Email based delivery (no need to install any app, watch any bloody boring video)● Spread over 21 days (yeah, you need 21 days to make any significant change in your life)● Interactive experience (yeah – poll, quizzes)● Life-long access to course content● Life-long learning (will follow up soon)

Uncover your Habit stack

Curated from world's best content. AI-Personalized exclusively for you.

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  • What's the course structure

    What will you learn? What's the course structure?

    Here goes the course structure.

    Day 1: The First Step: Unveiling Your Habit Blueprint
    Day 2: Mindset Matters: Cultivating a Growth Mindset
    Day 3: Small Changes, Big Impact: The Power of Micro-Habits
    Day 4: Discover Your ‘Why’: The Key to Lasting Habits
    Day 5: Blueprinting Your Day for Success
    Day 6: Weekend Wisdom: Reflecting and Planning Ahead
    Day 7: Overcoming Obstacles: Strategies for Persistent Problems
    Day 8: Habit Stacking: Building Blocks for Efficiency
    Day 9: The Power of Routine: Setting Up Your Success Ritual
    Day 10: Mindfulness in Motion: Stay Present, Stay Successful
    Day 11: The Feedback Loop: Tracking Your Progress
    Day 12: Break the Break: Overcoming Plateaus in Habit Formation
    Day 13: Reframe to Refrain: Altering Your Perspective
    Day 14: Build your atomic habits – one day at a time.
    Day 15: Social Dynamics: Leveraging Your Network for Success
    Day 16: The Art of Saying No: Setting Boundaries for Better Habits
    Day 17: Rest and Recover: Why Downtime is Essential
    Day 18: Visualize Victory: The Power of Visualization
    Day 19: Back to Basics: Simplify to Amplify
    Day 20: Rising from Setbacks: Bounce Back Stronger
    Day 21: The Journey Ahead: Continuing Your Habit Building Path

  • Is there a cohort?

    Right now? No.
    Eventually : yes (and you will be added to it).

  • Is it refundable?


  • For how long do I have access to the course?

    As long as you have your inbox access.