Structured approach to Product Market Fit for B2B/SaaS startups #Workshop by Prasanna #ProdGeeks

Product Market Fit is a very fuzzy concept. This workshop session will help you dive into the two sub-component which has the highest failure rate: Problem-Value fit.

The hands-on workshop is of 45 minutes duration and is primarily meant for founders / product teams in SAAS companies.

You will write answers to specific questions to the Problem-Value your customers are seeing in your product-space. We will then do an interactive session on how to improve your Problem-Value fit.

Note that the workshop is only for the ones who have registered for the ProductGeeks Conference.

Date: April 14th (Bangalore)
Venue: Hotel Park Plaza, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore.
Discount Code: Use the discount code “NEXTBIGWHAT”

Please note that workshops are available only on application plus first-cum-first-serve basis.
About Prasanna Krishnamoorthy

  • Startup Bullshit Detector
  • Founder Upekkha Accelerator (Upekkha helps B2B SaaS startups reach Product market fit, while building a GTM engine. Our program takes startups from $100K ARR to $1M ARR scalably, sustainably, profitably).
  • Past: 2x B2B startups, ex-Product/Growth at MS Accelerator, ex-PM Amazon Affiliates. Ex-iSpirt
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