Meet mojo

Journal re-imagined for busy people!

Feels like smart phone

We took a lot of inspiration from task management apps - those 100s of apps you couldn't use but had a lot of great user behavior tips.

Freedom guaranteed: 12 months, but undated

Start where you are. This isn't a jan-dec, but 12 months journal!The point is: It's structured, yet loose enough for you to use it as you like it to. 

Reminds you of Elon (every Friday)

Remember: What did you get done this week? THE question by Elon Musk? 
Well, Elon is embedded in the diary!

mojo: what's in a name

“mojo is that positive spirit toward what we are doing now that starts from the inside and radiates to the outside” - Marshall Goldsmith

There is one thing common between a student, a CEO and an economist.They all carry a journal.
And here is the truth: there hasn’t been any design innovation in this space for the last 10..20..30 years?
And that’s about to change with mojo, a brand that is reimagining practical daily use products for the ambitious you.
our first product, mojo journal brings the best of smartphone-inspired features to paper!
inspired by task management apps, mojo journals offer the functionality of a planner and flexibility of a journal. it is designed to help you achieve your goal - by breaking them into actionable monthly goals, weekly goals, and daily tasks. And like a friendly task planner, you get to do weekly and monthly check-in to connect with your goals and purpose - all in the journal itself!

We are

inspired by your phone
goal based
inspiring design
simplified task management

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