Paras Chopra

ProductGeeks Conf is all about the ones who build and scale world-class products.

Scheduled for April 14th in Bangalore, ProductGeeks Conf brings together some of the best product mind from the country – we guarantee you an amazing learning experience.

We are happy to announce our next speaker, Paras Chopra. Paras, as you know is the cofounder and chairman of Wingify – one of the most successful product startup from India (totally bootstrapped).

At ProductGeeks Conference, Paras will talk about the trap of cognitive bias and how to avoid them. His topic:

Cognitive traps and how to avoid them while building products.

His talk will include:

– Confirmation bias during user interviews
– Efficiency bias for keeping engineers busy
– Customer development bias that neglects moats
– Selection bias that only selects for vocal customers
– Complexity bias that reduces simplicity
– Beauty bias that leads to bad design


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