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“Next Billion User (NBU)” Opportunity in Bharat & Beyond : Google’s point of view #Keynote

Bharat presents a huge opportunity and is the NextBigWhat for companies who are trying to win the Indian market. This year India crossed the 400 million internet user mark. And Indians are using more data than ever before—4GB on average every month, projected to grow to 11GB per month in the next four years. Google…

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Introducing Speaker: Vijay Rayapati of Minjar #AMA

Minjar is one of a super inspiring success story from India. The company which raised only $2mn was recently acquired for $50mn and most importantly, not just the investors and founders, but employees too made money during exit – in short, one of the very few ‘happy’ stories from India. More than anything, Minjar’s acquisition…

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Must Avoid Product Marketing Mistakes #Workshop

Months of planning and weeks of strategizing, yet your marketing efforts failed to deliver the results? You believe your product has a unique story to tell but that uniqueness gets lost in translation with too many stakeholders involved? Launching a product is chaotic and marketing it to the right audience is hard. You plan for…

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Structured approach to Product Market Fit for B2B/SaaS startups #Workshop by Prasanna #ProdGeeks

Product Market Fit is a very fuzzy concept. This workshop session will help you dive into the two sub-component which has the highest failure rate: Problem-Value fit. The hands-on workshop is of 45 minutes duration and is primarily meant for founders / product teams in SAAS companies. You will write answers to specific questions to…

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The Trap Called Build..Build..Build..and Build… #ProdGeeks Conf

“It’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes” – Warren Buffett. If you are a tech founder or you work for a startup and you are sure of getting your salary for this month – well, congratulations! More than 90% startups are dying and it is time to…

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Using customer development to build SAAS business: Introducing Arpit of WebEngage, ProductGeeks Conf Speaker

How do I understand my customer (MUCH better)? How do I engineer growth in the product? Prioritize features? If you aren’t going through these questions, chances are that you are either lying or don’t exist. Most products (including B2B / B2C) fail at identifying the real needs of customers. Globally, 42% startups failed because…

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