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The First 100 Days of Building India’s Most Viral App: Meet Abhishek Madhavan at ProductGeeks Conf

Less than 3 months old app. 400,000 DAUs. 1.2 million downloads. 400,000 people on @GetLocoNow tonight 🔥🔥🔥 — Abhishek Madhavan😺✌ (@AbhishekMadhavn) March 19, 2018 Crazy numbers, right? Meet LOCO app, the live trivia game app which is safe to say,  India’s most viral app ever. There are many such apps in the market right now…

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Building great products for India at scale: Introducing Rajnish, ixigo cofounder at ProdGeeksConf #Speaker

Building great products is..well, let’s just accept it is very difficult. Especially when it has to scale to variety of users – with the smartest of the smartphone to the basic ones. ixigo is one of those few consumer companies in India who have grown by the virtue of a great product. Right from the…

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“Building successful solutions your customers will love” : Introducing Deepa [ProductGeeksConf Speaker] #DesignThinking

42% of startups fail because they were solving a market need that didn’t exist. So, how do you know if the need exists? Do customers really know what they want? Could you not create an amazing solution and then market it so people will use it? – Our upcoming conference, ProductGeeks Conf totally aims to…

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Introducing ProductGeeks Conf Speaker: Jonathan Bill

NextBigWhat’s upcoming conference, ProductGeeks Conference will bring together India’s most amazing product leaders, founders and geeks together. We are working hard to bring together a stellar speaker set – the ones who have a LOT of perspective and experience building great products. Introducing our first speaker : Jonathan Bill. Jonathan is a Mobile and Internet…

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ProductGeeks Conference : What Lies Ahead

“How do I understand my customer?” “How do I prioritize features?” “How do I find the right problems to solve?” “How do I scale the product team?” Our upcoming conference, ProductGeeks Conf aims to bring geeks who build, launch and scale world-class products. By geeks, we just don’t mean the ones who code, but the…

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