UNPLUGGD  / May 24th

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10+ Speakers. 600+ Entrepreneurs, Investors, Geeks and Angels! And yes, we are accepting spot registrations as well!


8:30 AM Registration
9:00 AM The Art of Scale
Speakers : Suresh Sambadnam [OrangeScape] and Vikas Malpani [Commonfloor]
10:00 AM Cracking Traction
Speakers : Amarpreet Kalkat (Frrole) and Ankit Pruthi (Unicommerce).
11:00 AM Coffee Break
11:15 PM Qualcomm QPrize Winner Announcement
12:00 PM The UnPluggd Conversation With Sachin Bansal And Mukesh Bansal
12:45 PM Lunch
13:30 PM #PitchStop Session 
15:30 PM Jana.com Launch
15:45 PM Tea, Coffee and Networking Break.
16:15 PM #BraveTalk #Lessons From Startup FailureKiran Kumar (Adepto), Utsav Agarwal (#nwplyng) and Kingsley Joseph (TripThirsty).
17:15 PM Cracking the Consumer Code : Behaviors That'll Blow Your Mind
Participants : Sai Gaddam (Author, A Billion Wicked Thoughts), Alok Goel (Freecharge) and Vishal Anand (CPO @NewsHunt)
18:00 PM Goodies Distribution
7:00PM - 10:00 PM Networking Evening

Meet the speakers…


Suresh Sambandam

Orangescape founder, Suresh has a lot to share! Building a global enterprise play from India is not an easy game. At UnPluggd, Suresh will walk you through his journey!

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Ankit Pruthi

Ankit Pruthi

Unicommerce cofounder, Ankit will share some of the hard lessons learned while building a B2B ecommerce platform.

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Vikas Malpani

Vikas Malpani, Co-founder of CommonFloor.com.
TOPIC: Lessons Learned While Scaling Up

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Kiran Kumar

Kiran Kumar

Kiran is the founder of Adepto – a company that was sold to Kuliza a year back. At UnPluggd, Kiran will talk about the startup lessons learned of #struggle #failure #movingOn.

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Amarpreet Kalkat

Frrole founder, Amarpreet will talk about the hard lessons learned while building Frrole. He has pivoted multiple times and for multiple reasons, before finding the product-market fit.

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Vishal Anand

Vishal Anand

Vishal Anand is Chief Product Officer for NewsHunt. In a career spanning 20 yrs, he has been part of teams building large scale consumer products in India & US.

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Kingsley Jegan Joseph

Kingsley Joseph

Started 2 startups. Worked for one. And they all failed. But Kingsley is the King of Good Times.
Topic : What really happens after you have failed? #BraveTalk

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Utsav Agarwal

Utsav Agarwal

Founder of #nwplyng, Utsav will talk about startup lessons learned while building and shutting down his startup!

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Sai Gaddam

Sai Gaddam

Sai Gaddam is a computational neuroscientist, a data geek, and the co-author of A Billion Wicked Thoughts, an internationally acclaimed book about desire.

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The Art of Scale

Learn the Art of Scale From Two Founders Are Scaling Up.

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#STARTUPFAILURE : 3 Entrepreneurs will do the BraveTalk! Be There.

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Persistence and Startups

Startups are all about persistence. In India, it takes a while to go anywhere.

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Cracking Consumer Code!

The behavioral aspects of cracking the desi consumer code!

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On to its 9th edition, UnPluggd has truly redefined the startup conference space in India with actionable insights, powerful content and importantly, a great opportunity to network/engage with fellow entrepreneurs, geeks and investors.


WEEKEND DISCOUNT : Grab 16% discount this weekend! (code : CHANGEINDIA) Venue: MLR Convention Center (J P Nagar), Bangalore.


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UnPluggd is a great place to meet fellow entrepreneurs, investors, geeks and network with them.

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